Year 9


  To show the work we have done on beliefs you now have to produce a piece of work which will demonstrate what we have been studying.

It is going to be called:

A Guide to Beliefs Today


This guide should be written in a style aimed at young people and will contain:

        A Summary of the beliefs of 4 World Religions





        A Questionnaire on beliefs complete with results

        A Summary of your own beliefs

More Detailed Help

The Religions

Give a basic Summary of what the 4 religions believe.  You can find information here that should help you. Don't waste time talking about what they do, the project is on belief.  Make sure everything is in your own words.

The Questionnaire

You will need to make a Questionnaire Sheet that includes the questions you are going to ask.  You can choose some questions yourself, make sure half of them at least are your own.  Here are some to help you.

  1. Do you believe in God?

  2. Do you believe in life after death?

  3. Do you believe in Ghosts?

  4. Do you believe in Angels?

  5. Do you believe there is life on other planets?

  6. Do you believe people should always tell the truth?

  7. Do you believe that the most important thing in life is how much you can earn?

  8. Do you believe in animal testing?

  9. Do you believe in capital punishment?

  10. Do you believe that all people are equally important?

The first 5 questions have been asked to the whole school on the intranet.  The results are available here.   The results will not be there until 10th November 2000

The Results

The results must be presented in an easy to understand format.  I recommend graphs and pie charts here are two examples.

Your Beliefs

This is this simply explaining your beliefs, you can use ideas from our lessons so far this term if you are stuck.  This is a good way to draw the whole project to a conclusion.

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