Life Preparation

RE is relevant to all walks of life. Particularly areas where you deal with people. If you do not understand the beliefs of the people you are dealing with you might lose out. Here are some examples:

This is a job where you must know both sides of every story, in RE we learn to view other people's arguments with as much respect as our own. We also teach you to try and promote your argument.
If you work with people, you will find that lots of news stories have a basis on belief. A quote from a journalist: "In this job you have to meet people from all walks of life, and a huge range of backgrounds"
We study the ethical side of medcine. Is it right to kill suffering patients? Should abortion be allowed?
If you were a nurse and you had a Muslim patient, would you know how to deal with them sympathetically?
Armed Forces
Would you be able to cope with the strong moral duty? We study the issue of what is right and wrong. These days soldiers often are involved in helping others. We study why we should help people poorer than ourselves,
Most great music has been composed by Christians. The most famous musical works cannot be fully understood without seeing the religious background to it.
Not just an RE teacher! All primary school teachers have to teach RE it is the law!
Social Worker
When you deal with other communities you are at a huge disadvantage if you don't know why they do things. My wife is a social worker and is always asking me questions. So if you don't take it, marry someone who did!
Police Force
See above. Often the police are accused of not being sympathetic to the needs of people. RE helps you to do that better.
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