Choosing RE for GCSE

If you are unsure about your GCSE Choices and are considering RE then keep on reading!

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RE is everywhere!!

Wherever you look RE has some relevance. Sometimes negative, sometimes positive. You need to know about it for life.
Many jobs need a knowledge of RE to be done effectively. If you do not have a belief, do not assume that others don't. Even believing nothing is still a belief!

RE prepares you for life.

It is enjoyable!

RE is no longer about copying out of the Bible. It is about real life issues. Not many GCSEs allow you to form your own opinion and get marks for it!
It is true. Find someone who did GCSE and ask them what they thought.

People who take it say good things about it.


It broadens your mind!

RE takes you away to places you can only dream about and tells you what makes the people there tick!
These questions are real GCSE homeworks or exam questions

Have a look at some sample questions.

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