RE is enjoyable

You really do get to answer questions for yourself, and you are always right because teachers cannot tell you what to believe! As long as you have good reasons for it you will get top marks!

For Example...

Do you believe that we should make laws against prejudice?

It doesn't matter what you answer as long as you can back it up with good opinions.

Some more questions

* Can a Christian believe in anything? * Should a man have more than one wife? * Is the Bible reliable? * What happens when we die? * How do beliefs affect our actions? * Should we execute murderers? * Is sex before marriage bad? * Is racism dangerous? * Do animals have rights? * Should prisons be tougher? * When should a person get divorced? * Is it ever right to bomb another country? * Are women treated unfairly? * Do we all have equal rights or not? * Should religious belief change our actions? * Does prayer work?

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