Church Buildings



1.     The Pulpit

This is a platform with steps leading up to it.

The Minister preaches his sermon from here.  The sermon is usually a short talk about the Bible or about how Christians should live.  For Protestant Christians the sermon is very important.




2.     The Altar or Communion Table

This is often at the centre of the building at the very front.  The front of a Church usually faces east, towards Jerusalem where Jesus died and rose again.  Anglicans and Roman Catholics usually call it the altar.


3.     The Communion Table

The same as above but is often much more simple.  Some Protestant Churches that are less formal than the Church of England call it the Communion Table.  (Baptist, Methodist, etc.)

4.     Lectern

Usually on the other side of Church from the Pulpit.  Bible readings often happen here.  In the past brass lecterns were made in the form of an eagle to show that God’s word is carried across the world.

5.     The Font

This is used for baptisms.  People are sprinkled with water to symbolise their sins being washed away.  It is often by the Church door but in less formal Churches it can be at the front so everyone can see it.


6.  The Bible

Some churches have a very large Bible for the readings.


7.     Pews

These are the ‘benches’ that can be found in churches.  They are not normally found in newer churches.


8.     The Service Book

This book is used as a guide for how the service works.  The people often have one each and it lets them know what is going on.  It includes when to have hymns and readings as well as the Marriage and Funeral services.

9.     Choir Stalls

Found at the front, these seats often have high ‘walls’ and are used for the choir to sit in.


10. Candles

You can see candles in most churches, which are a symbol of Jesus being the ‘Light of the World’.  In the past they were simply for giving light.  Sometimes the candles are enormous.



11. Stained Glass Windows

These windows are multi-coloured and often have pictures of Bible Scenes or Saints.  In the past when people couldn’t read these windows would tell famous Bible stories to the people.




12. Tower or Spire

People used to think that the higher you were, the closer you were to God.  Today Christians see the towers and spires of churches as a pointer to God, pointing away from earth.


13. Notice Board

This gives information about the services and other church events.