Internet Task for

Garforth Community College

Year 10 Students


Make a Microsoft Word Document with information from the World Wide Web including.
  • 1 picture of a British Mosque
  • 1 picture of a foreign Mosque
  • 1 quotation from the Qu’ran
  • An explanation of one of the 5 pillars of Islam
  • Dates of Birth and Death of the Prophet Muhammed

You can start searching with the search engines below. The pages will open in a new window so you can look back at this page.

Yahoo - Ask Jeeves - Altavista - Google

Then you need to save it. It is important that you save it in U: Drive and in your www folder - call the file re.

Beginners tips.

Here are some beginners tips on how to copy and paste. Skip these if you don't need them.

Highlight the stuff you want and then go to Edit. Click Copy. You need to click on the Microsoft Word button on the Task Bar at the bottom of the Screen.

When you have done that. click Edit again and Paste it in!

To copy pictures, put the mouse over them and click the right-hand mouse button. You will see an option to 'Copy'

It really is that easy! Good Luck!

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