GCSE Mosque Coursework 2002

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See below for information on when it is due in!

This is only if you are at Garforth Community College in Year 10!!

Coursework Countdown

Week Ending


31st May 2002

Coursework set both RE lessons on the coursework

14th June 2002

Both lessons on Coursework (Part 1 with teacher by the end of the week)

21st June 2002

Back to normal lessons (Part 2 with teacher by the end of the week)

28th June 2002

Lessons on Computers: Room 20.  Mosque Trip. (Part 3 with Teacher)

5th July 2002

Help on offer during the week.

Unless you want brain strain I suggest you start on this as soon as possible!

Friday 5th July Final Coursework to teacher.

On Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd  July after school in the RE department.  Help for those who are struggling.  This may be compulsory!

All coursework must be word-processed.  There are 2 computers that you may use at any time in the RE Department.  If necessary we can book out Room 20 after school.  If you know you may have difficulty getting access to a computer speak to your teacher earlier rather than later.  People who leave it to the last minute will have no sympathy.

When you hand in your coursework please give in 2 copies.  You will not get marks for presentation but you can get marks for your ICT assessment that happens in Year 11.

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