How is the Bible used in Worship?

Hymns Most Hymns and songs are based on the Bible
Banners/Posters Many churches have banners with Bible verses on inside and outside of the Church
Communion The act of communion is based on the story of Jesus' Last Supper in the Bible
Liturgy Almost all liturgy is Bible based
Prayer They are usually based on the Bible and the example of prayer set by Jesus - the Lord's Prayer
Sermons 99% of sermons are based on a passage from the Bible
Weddings A church wedding without a Bible reading?  Never!

The Bible is generally read.

Christening Often a Bible passage is 'given' to the child as well as an actual Bible.
Sunday School Children are taught the stories and sometimes learn verses.
Assembly Did you know the law of Britain says every school pupil must have a "daily act of worship"?  You may not but many assemblies use the Bible for 'worship'.
Personal Many Christians read their Bible every day as an act of worship.  They may meditate over a passage (I mean they think about it, not the Buddhist type!) or may learn parts of it.

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