GCSE Coursework 2001

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Part 1 – Explain why the Bible is important to Christians.   16 Marks (about 800 words)
Part 2 – Explain how Christian belief, including the Bible, affects the Christian attitude to abortion. 14 Marks (about 700 words)
Part 3 – The Bible was written centuries ago.  Can Christians still regard it as relevant for today?  Give reasons for your answer.   10 Marks (about 500 words)

See below for information on when it is due in!

Only if you are at Garforth Community College

Coursework Countdown

Coursework set in Week ending 27th September

Week ending 4th October All lessons on Coursework (Part 1 completed in rough)

Week ending 11th October All lessons on Coursework (Part 2 and Part 3 completed in rough)

On Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th October 2.40 Room 46.  Help for those who are struggling.  This may be compulsory!

From Wednesday 9th October Mr Chorlton will be available for help reading through work and discussion

Friday 1st November Final Coursework to teacher.

(Anyone with work not submitted will have detentions until it is in.)

Friday 1st November - Final Coursework to teacher.

Marking Policy


You are marked on KU1, KU2 and E – you should include these ‘buzz words’ to get the best marks.

Part1 - KU1 “key elements of the religion”

Beliefs – knowledge and understanding of beliefs and where they come from

Practices – the ‘rituals’ (religious actions you repeat eg. Pray every morning) and ceremonies, both public and private.

Sources of authority – how people are told what to do and whether they do it or not

Organisation – how do religious structures and beliefs relate to one another

Part 2 - KU2  “the effect of religion”

Moral Behaviour – does the belief change how they act?

Attitudes – what do religious people think about the issue?

Social Practices – what is the social behaviour like?

Lifestyle – what can you see in the way they live that shows evidence of their belief

Part 3 - Evaluation

Use arguments for and against your opinion, draw ideas from the earlier part of the coursework. Then give your opinion on the issue.

The more different points you use to back yourself up and the more balanced you make it, the better your mark.

Check list 

qThe full title is used for each section and you have answered the question

qYou have used quotations from the Bible.

qYou have assumed the reader (me!) is totally stupid and explained everything clearly.


qYou have checked how many words are in the relevant sections.

qCheck you have included the ‘buzz words’ in each section.

qYour coursework must be word-processed. There are 3 computers that you may use at any time in the RE Department. If you know you may have difficulty getting access to a computer speak to your teacher earlier rather than later.  People who leave it to the last minute will have no sympathy.

qWhen you hand in your coursework you must give in 2 copies.  You will not get marks for presentation but you can get marks for your ICT assessment that happens in Year 11.


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