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ISSUE 1452Monday 17 May 1999

New Bill will promote euthanasia, says cardinal
By Auslan Cramb

A LEADING churchmen said yesterday that society is in danger of "sleepwalking into a culture of death" if a Bill which he claims promotes euthanasia is passed.

Cardinal Thomas Winning, head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, said draft laws on the affairs of "incapable adults" could result in non-voluntary euthanasia for patients.

His comments were directed at a Bill to be debated in the Scottish Parliament, but he said he had also expressed concerns to the Lord Chancellor over similar draft legislation in England and Wales. The Incapable Adults Bill (Scotland) was drawn up in 1995 to update property and financial rules governing the affairs of incapable adults.

But, in an article in Scotland on Sunday, the cardinal said it included a "nightmarish" section on medical treatment and care. He claimed the proposals included an extension that would allow the "intentional killing", by dehydration or starving, of patients who were not dying. They would also allow doctors to experiment on incapable adults without their consent.

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