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Ethical and Religious Arguments

Voluntary Euthanasia Society - Excellent Information

Both Sides of the Issue from many perspectives

Should Euthanasia be allowed?

Euthanasia- the debate continues

Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Voluntary Euthanasia Society- Articles - An assisted suicide?

Where is the mercy in killing?

Annie Lindsell

Medical Perspectives on Death and Dying

Analysis- Euthanasia is a job for executioners not doctors

Quotes from various places

Political Articles

'Living will' debate launched as MPs reject suicide Bill

Lords warned over following Dutch road to euthanasia

Nazi Euthanasia

New Bill will promote euthanasia, says cardinal

Doctors angered by Tory's anti-euthanasia Bill

Cinema shows advert for euthanasia

Religious Information

Cardinals attack 'living wills'

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