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The following Web-Site addresses have been selected for an ‘A’ level Islam course. They have been ranked according to the relevance of information.


A non-biased array of articles covering 95% of the course, in easy to understand language. Look under the subject index.


    A massive array of articles, be selective when using research and note the author. Particularly useful when looking at a specific country.


    A large amount of information on Islam, God, Revelation, Messengers, Religion, and Converts; again note the author.


    Go to knowledge and then Islamic Resources to get into a information about Allah, Qur’an, Muhammad, Sunnah and Hadith, Articles of Faith and Pillars, History, Law and Human Relations.


    This site look at Muslim Belief and Practices, the Qur’an, History and

    Current events, and the Infallibles; some interesting contributions.


    Go to the Tour and then Virtual Mosque to find out information on the Qur’an, Hadith and History, you can even ask the Imam your

    questions on-line!


    Use the search facility on this site as a good link to other web-sites,

    some are more useful than others, watch out for the rubbish!

  7. (Better known at the Islamic Gateway)

    This keeps you up to date with Muslim current affairs, topical issues and news. Good on family issues, again, use the search facility.


    Select English and then Get your free-copy of the Qur’an by entering your home address! Watch the bias on other free books.

    A small amount of relevant material under Useful Articles.


The only relevant section here is the Tricky Questions Page, some interesting questions and responses!

Many thanks to Chrissy G. who supplied this info!



The Sikh Site

Gateway to Sikhism

Sikhism in the UK

Sikh Net



Gurdwara Information

Pictures of Gurdwaras

Gurudwara Net




The York Minster Games Page

The Main York Minster Page


BBC GCSE Bite size Revision

GCSE Religious Studies Revision Web Site



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