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This is intended for people who don't have a sound knowledge of the internet.  It merely explains how I have set up the site and how best to use it.

Consists of Help with Clipart and Help with Worksheets


Help with Clipart

All of the Clipart consists of thumbnails,  if you want any of it all you do is click on the small picture to see the large version, then 'right click' on the large picture and choose 'Save Picture As'.  If you don't want to save the large pictures you can 'right click' on one and then click 'Copy' then just paste in the document you want it in.   If you don't want to see the big picture but do want to save it 'right click' on the image and choose 'Save Target As'.  Save it on which ever drive you want to keep it on.  All of the files are in .gif of .jpg format so if you want to edit them you will need a photo editor. Have a look at the picture below and if you are still stuck then email me and ask for help!

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Help with Worksheets

There are two types of worksheet.  One is a saved as Word 97, the other is set up as a full page of the browser.  These ones are made up of .gif images only.  You cannot copy the type and change it as you can in the Word 97 ones.  This is because I was trying to make it possible to print a completed worksheet off the web.  If you click the print button you should print the workheet off as it is intended.  If you want to save a worksheet you need to 'right click' on the image of the whole sheet and save it.  To view it properly you need to save the page   from the file menu and click 'Save As', this will mean you can keep the whole worksheet as you see it on the web.

This picture might help!

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